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Two documents with the signatures of R. Yaakov Halevi Halstock, rabbi of Ostrowiec (Ostrovtza), son of the holy Rebbe Yechezkel Halevi Halstock of Ostrowiec.
* Handwritten authorization on the official stationary of the Beit Din of Ostrowiec (Kielce Voivodeship) regarding the acquisition of land in Eretz Israel by the "Avodat Yisrael" organization from Warsaw. On the margin is an authorization signed and stamped by R. "Yaakov Halevi Halstock", affirming that the document was signed in his presence. Nissan 1935.
* Membership booklet issued by the "Avodat Israel" organization in Warsaw - organization for the acquisition of land in Eretz Israel. With details filled in by hand and various signatures. One of the pages contains a document of sale between two members of the organization, with an authorization signed and stamped by R. "Yaakov Halevi Halstock". Shevat (January), 1934.
The holy R. Yaakov Halevi Halstock, son of Rebbe Yechezkel of Ostrowiec, and son-in-law of R. Nathan Nachum Hakohen Rabinowitz, Rebbe of Krimilow-Radomsko, was rabbi of Ostrowiec, where his father served as Rebbe. He was killed during the Holocaust with his wife Leah and their entire family.
The "Avodat Israel organization for the acquisition of land in Eretz Israel" was established by Rebbe Yisrael Eliezer Hopstein of Koznitz (Kozienice) and his followers in Warsaw. The organization merged with the "Nachalat Yaakov" organization of the chassidim of Jablonna, and together acquired the land on which Kfar Chassidim is built. "Avodat Israel", together with the "pioneer Rebbe" R. Yeshaya Shapira, and the chassidim of Piaseczno, also acquired land in the adjacent Kiryat Ata.

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