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Meir Bulka:

In 1929, my grandfather Moshe-Aharon Bulka left Poland and immigrated alone to Israel, in anticipation lay the basis for bringing family from Poland to Israel. My grandfather worked in all sorts of jobs until he found permanent work, it would enable him to pay enough money to buy the certificate (The white paper) that will allow him to bring the rest of the family to Israel. This postcard was sent from Israel to Poland for the 1934 Jewish New Year represents the Land of Israel at the beginning of construction and prosperity while Israel was under the control of the occupation of the British Mandate.

The NEW YEAR  postcard shows the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, Allenby Street, Lilienblum Street and Ben Yehuda Street, which symbolized the anticipated economic boom and the National Library Building and the Western Wall, symbolizing the tradition of the people of Israel.

As a photographer, I renovated a few image and planted to replace those old, the same places, as they are today, and here is the same overt 82 years ahead. A kind of tribute to those who dreamed. That was his dream, and now we had a big family, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Means, a dream come true.

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Shana Tova

Message from Meir Bułka:

Shana Tova 1936 Pearl Bulka, my grandfather's sister. Pearl was born in 1918, the Happy New Year's postcard was printed out when she was 18.Pearl and the rest of the family were sent to Treblinka from Ostrowiec in 1942 where she was murdered when she was only 24.The postcard has a little remodeling with color and some fixed. 

 Tłumaczenie wiadomości od Meir Bułki:

Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku 1936 dla Perli Bułki, siostry mojego dziadka. Perla urodziła się w 1918 r., więc miała 18 lat gdy owa noworoczna karta pocztowa została wydrukowana. Perla, tak jak reszta rodziny z Ostrowca, trafiła do Treblinki w 1942, gdzie została zamordowana w wieku 24 lat. Karta pocztowa została delikatnie wzbogacona kolorem.