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List napisany przez rabina Meir Jachiela Halsztoka do Mojżesza Bułki, który wyemigrował z Ostrowca do Jerozolimy w latach 20. XX w. "za chlebem".
A letter written by Rabbi Meir Jachiel Halsztok to Moses Bułka, who emigrated from Ostrowiec to Jerusalem in the 20s XX for a better life.

I have heard the moaning of our brothers in the Holy Land in Jerusalem Yeshiva from Poland, who are in big barely and they do not have bread to the kids.
Please ask all my fellow in Israel to help extract the Yeshiva and give a charity fund into the charity box less each month and will add a lot to him that God is justifying for good and major issues.
And if he tries hard he will help to the great scholars who work the holy work of the Holy Land.
So I asked all donors to lift the contribution they can to be happy with our brethren the people of Israel will give 4 Charity boxes.
Thanks to this and his help, we will better protected, salvation and good living for all the volunteers in Israel.

Applicant Meir Yechiel Halevi

Translation Tova Reshtik-Davidson and Meir Bulka.

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